Playboy TV Swing Season 3 Ep 4 - Very Hot Episode of Playboy TV Swing

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Playboy TV Swing Season 3 episode 4 A very hot episode!. Click HERE to see more:

In this episode of Playboy TV Swing, season 3, young couple Jesse & Jenny have wonderful time in the swingers house as they try their hand at swinging. Here is an example of a couple testing themselves as individuals and as a couple to see how they handle the swinging situation they are involved in.

It is a very hot episode that has to be seen to be believed! The couple are open to lots of things and they walk out of the swinging house with a positive experience. Unfortunately this does not happen to all couples, but here is a couple that went with the situation and will more than likely swing again.

Playboy TV Swing season 3 is up to the 4th episode. You can catch all of season 3, as well as the first 2 seasons of Swing HERE:

Footage courtesy of Playboy TV. Subscribe to their channel HERE:

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